The Battlewing is a Intermediate to Advanced wing design aimed at the experienced park flyer.
   - Setup   Note: - Works well on Spectrum DX6, DX7 or simular advanced transmitters.
          - Dx5e or cheaper transmitter do not have advance feature required to
            produce s
eparate dual rates settings for the Battlewing.
          - We are working on getting info on other Transmitters.

Ailerons = High Rate, Full travel.
- Ailerons turn the plane left and right.
- 40% exponential.

Elevons = Low Rate, Start at 40% to 50% travel.
- Elevons make the plane go up and down.
- 40% exponential
- You know you have too much travel when the wing stalls during a loop.

The ESC is already programmed and set.

Always check the Center of Gravity (C.G) of your plane plane.
6.75" or 6 3/4" from the front nose towards the back.
- Adding sticker will alter the wing's C.G.
- Put a nickel or quarter in the battery bay to resolve C.G. issue.

Neutral or level flight

Left and Right, use full travel at high rate for fast turns and barrel rolls.

Up and Down, use 40% to 50% travel at low rate. Too much will stall wing in a loop.
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   - Fixes  

Magnetic Fin issue

Issue: Early version had the twine that holds the fin to the wing tip come off during a combat.

Result: String pulled away from wing tip.

Solution: Extend twine length and add anchor. See Pictures.

Update: 12/12/2010 Use 2 inches of twine in to the wing and 1inches in the fin. Picture show 1 inch on both sides. Peter at baylands, CA has proven that 1inch of twine layed in to the wing is not enough as he is still able to rip the twine out of the wing after hitting a tree at least more than twice.


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 The first prototypes for Version 1 (above). There were 13 versions, some did not survive.
Now it's wall art.

Lots of foam

How I take the product shots. One light source.