Photo Gallery - Wings

2011-07-01 Dow K. custom paint job on his Battlewing v3.5
2011-04-20 Gary Morgan and his Battlewing 3.65
2011-03-23 Troy T. and his Nemesis Battlewing v3.5
2011-01-27 Jason Jones (right) from Flyingelectric.com in South Carloina was in my neck of the wood (San Jose, California) so we meet up for lunch.
2011-01-25 Dion Salfen and his Battlewing. His son (a professional surfboard painter in Hawaii) had painted it for him.

2010-12-22 Kai and his brand new Battlewing v3.5. He's from the DLG arena. He told me this is his second electric airplane (plane with a prop).
2010-09-12 Jason and his Battlewing v3. Onboard camera attached with Velcro.
2010-09-12 Jeff and his modified core wing. He wanted to put a larger motor.
2010-04-30 South Carolina representing the BattleWing series. All three generations are shown in the picture. Thanks Shane for the Pic.
2010-03-25 Doug Schafer took some picture of his son Joseph, 12, with his BattleWing.
2010-01-14 Paul Knutson sent in these pictures of his wing with lights.


2009-09-01 Shane from North Carolina sent me pictures of him and his friends BattleWings. First pictures show a BattleWing and a WildWing but the WW has its motor yanked out from the mounting.
Rick Carmichael and his Yellow BattleWing V2
2009-08-21 Dennis Castleman and his Green BattleWing V2
2009-08-17 Woody from Napa and his custom BattleWing V2  
2009-08-01 The Dave North special custom ailerons BattleWing V2
2009-07-30 Al and his two new BattleWings V2


2009-07-10 Lloyd Frisbee's blue BattleWing V2
2009-07-10 Tony and his red modified BattleWing V2
2009-07-10 Jordan Shepard and his red BattleWing V2
2009-05-31 Ryan Tillman and his new Green BattleWing.
2009-05-12 Pete J. and is blue BattleWing.
2009-04-26 Matthew Fremont and his Basic Core.


2009-04-26 David BenDavid and his blue Advanced Build BattleWing.
2009-04-26 Kasra's BattleWing and his friends.
2009-04-19 James Melvin and his brother Bob with their new BattleWings.
Location: Kenmore, WA.
2009-04-18 Paul Panell with his Basic core.
2009-04-18 Mike Nadler and his BattleWing.
2009-04-18 Gary Morgan and his BattleWing with Yellow Ailerons.