Photo Gallery - Wing Damage



I went to Chris Jewetts field today in SC and he taught us how to play Texas Tag.  Not sure why it's called Texas tag maybe because anything with the word texas in it is cool. Here's whats left over of Chris' plane from today. Jason from York County Flyers.

2010-08-19 Toy Man had a slight incent with the ground at full throttle.
Hot glue put it all back together in 5 minutes.
2009-08-11 Picture of a torn glue hinge. Actually the foam tore before the hinge did. Reinforcement tape added and smeared hot glue as hinge. Applied to V2 version of BattleWing.
2009-05-31 Christian's with a cracked motor mount and missing wing tip.
2009-05-24 Kasra's broken BattleWing. Core is cracked


2009-04-23 My right fin was cut off by a Dave North Wild Wing's prop. I glued it back on with Gorilla glue and used sewing pins to hold it in place.
2009-04-11 My left hinge area ripped. I glued it back together with hot glue and applied a small 1" strip of tape. View: Bottom
2008-12-10 David N's cracked wing.
2008-12-10  Akkana's boomer plane with it's nose knocked off.
2008-11-11 Kasra and his two wild wings with fins torn off
2008-10-11 David N's disaster