12/21/2011 Hey Mike,

I’m happy to report that I got a chance to fly my New Battle Wing (version 3.8) this weekend and all I can say is...... I LOVE IT!

My original Wing was always a blast to pull out and fly but since I’m one of those guys that really likes the performance boost of a 3-cell, 1000 mah Lipo, as a result, I found myself dealing with Wing Tip Pop-Offs, nearly every time I hooked a tight turn with some Hi-Gs. (Version 3.3)

For quite a while, I would say to myself that I would buy one of your current iterations (with the Refined Wing Tip Design), as soon as I break the one that I have. The problem with that line of thinking was that I couldn’t seem to break that darn thing, it’s damn near indestructible. So then I started to say to myself, “Well, I’ll buy a new one when I loose this one in a tall tree or something like that”, that day never seemed to come either.

I’m happy to say that I’m glad I got your new one anyway, this thing is great. I can’t actually conceive of how you could even make it any better. It appears to be capable of flying however you feel like flying. It flies Smooth & Lofty, yet Fast & Snappy, Calm & Relaxing and ready to go Completely Crazy the second you decide that you want to. One of my favorite things to do with someone that hasn’t seen it fly before is, to throw it up in the air, calmly coast around for a minute or so, then come in for a close-up fly by, then Punch It..... The instant pickup in speed and significant increase in prop volume usually opens up the eyes of a newbie pretty far.

I sure hope this thing is heat and sun resistant, because I’m never taking it out of my car........

Thanks again Mike.....


Rik D.
Redwood City, CA.
07-01-2011 Just wanted to say how helpful Mike was when I had an issue with my Battlewing 3.5. He answered all of my questions. First class in customer service. We are having a ball with our Battlewing here in South Carolina.

Dow K.
South Carolina
04-29-2011 Had my first flight this morning and this is truly an amazing flyer. Easy to launch, a dream to fly and can land on a dime. I'm looking forward to mixing it up with the rest of the club members.

Bob H.
Thousand Oaks, CA

I have flown wings since I re-learned RC about 15 years ago with my Zagi.  I've built and flown somewhere near a dozen differing designs and at one time wings were my primary models.


I consider the Battlewing v3 it to be the best wing I have flown. It is very stable and durable and the easy to fly.


You were correct to choose a symmetrical airfoil, something I would never have done.  With the CG near the neutral point, which is what you recommend, the BattleWing is as easy to fly inverted as upright - I'll never build another wing that does not have a symmetrical airfoil.  Thanks for designing outside the box.

 I look forward to the next wing and I again thank you for making it such a nice plane.



Joe M.

Newbury Park, CA


BTW: I am the old guy at the left in the photograph. BattleWing pilots from the Conejo Quiet Flyers, Thousand Oaks, CA (AMA Club 4797)


My wife Robin and I are relatively new to RC.  We fly at the local Baylands Sunnyvale, CA site and have watched pilots fly the Battlewing for a couple of months now.   We've seen just how highly responsive, quick, yet amazingly damage-resistant it is. I wanted to battle with it while Robin wanted something that would last and take her to the next level where she'll be able join the fray too.

We took delivery yesterday.  What an incredible wing!  It's relatively docile but still agile at low speeds, yet has enough power and sensitivity at higher speeds to really test flying skills. Just point it and it goes! 

And it's amazingly durable, I piled it in to the ground several times yesterday with no damage at all. I took another look at the Battlewing last night.  I'm even more impressed now, the wing is light, cleverly constructed and made to endure.  The wing itself is flexible yet strong EPP foam. The leading edge, trailing edge by the motor and battery mount are all taped and glued to ensure damage resistance.  The motor and servo control horns are well protected. It's well designed for bashing and being bashed by other wings - which means it'll also endure "interesting" maneuvers (like ground contact).  Finally, something we can both fly without having to regularly repair!

We're both looking forward to flying and practicing for the next Battlewing Fest.  
Thanks for a great wing!

Robin and Peter Murray
Sunnyvale, CA 


I just want to write to tell you how much fun we are having with our BattleWing!

I purchased a BattleWing V3 ARF after my 12-year-old son (and then his friends) watched the site videos of Wing Fest 2009. Joseph asked daily when it would arrive. He had just gotten into RC a few months before with a Parkzone Radian (2 meter powered glider), so a tough EPP wing seemed like a perfect next plane.

The BattleWing did not disappoint! Joseph won't touch the Radian anymore ("too boring"). He loves to "go crazy" with the BattleWing and see if he can recover at the last second. He has learned inverted flight, precise aileron (elevon) control, and has had us put up obstacle courses with garden stakes and PVC tubing. We've taped a video camera to the wing and also experimented with LED lighting for night flying.

I have built and flown several wings over the last 25 years. The BattleWing V3 is spectacular! It tracks beautifully, and even throwing at a severe angle it only has a couple short yaw wags before tracking true. I can't imagine the development effort in getting a design to this level of refinement.

After hundreds of flights and dozens of high-impact crashes, here is our total damage:

- 1 stripped servo (easy to replace following the site's instructions)
- 1 cracked wing (50mph crash straight down into packed earth). 5 min with a hot glue gun.
- 2 small wingtip tears. A thin drizzle of hot glue fixed (and we still have all four wingtip spares!)

We look forward to building out our two new cores so my other son and I can join in the fun!


Doug S.
Agoura Hills, CA 


I maidened the wing v3 this morning at Bayfront Park of Menlo Park. The event was spectacularly uneventful. Once trimmed, simply yank Battlewing at whatever direction any time, and Battlewing will just dash straight at the new heading, seemly disregarding the direction of gravity. Stalls were usually recovered in-place. When I ran out of battery, I pleasantly discovered that Battlewing actually glide pretty well (saving me a trip through the tall grasses).


On Friday, when I showed the Battlewing to Perry, he did not comment much, however we did spend some time admiring the workmanship of the leading edge reinforcement.


This is one tough plane, yet the construction is very clean.

(Personally, I have not had much success with hot glue: Somehow I cannot get the glue to go where I want, and always end up with big blobs here and there. Now I see that it can be done. I just need more practice.


One question regarding to combat: The goal is to knock the opponent out, but when you bump into the opponent, is the survival chance of the aggressor always better than the victim? (Or nobody really cares?)




Palo Alto, CA


Answer to combat question: To quote Rick Carmichael (a local Baylands flyer), "The are no rules in a knife fight".