BW Wing Fest 2009


Where:   Baylands Park, Sunnyvale CA.

Date:      Saturday, 8-29-2009

Time:     10am to 12pm

Hosted: Mike B. from

Events:  First Up Last Down, Limbo, Target Practice, Follow the leader,  Pylon Race, and Combat.

Raffle:   Prizes are 5 BattleWing planes, Raffle tickets are $1.00

Music:    Variety and maybe some oldies for the old people.




9:00 a.m.               Setup


10:00 a.m.            Intro

Introduction about

Remind pilots and guest to sign up for Raffle for $1.00. Sign up at BattleWing tent.

Review today’s agenda


10:05 a.m.            Line up all flyers


10:10 a.m.            First Up Last Down with Mass Launch

All flyers launch their plane at the same time and go as high as possible in 15 seconds and then turn off all engines. The last person to make it to the ground wins the event.


10:20 a.m.            Limbo

A limbo stick contraption made by Pete J. will be place out in the field.

Fly under the limbo stick and feel good about you flying skills.


10:35 a.m.            Target Practice

A 20ft stick with a Mylar balloon (not latex) on top as a target will be placed in the middle of the field as target practice. Who is the first to pop the Mylar balloon with their propeller?


10:45 a.m.            Follow the Leader

A person’s plane will have streamers taped to the wings and will be labeled as the Leader. In a circle or random pattern the Leader will fly while all others will follow.

The leader will fly at ½ to ¾ speed so all flyer can fly as a group and play bumper cars.


11:00 a.m.            Break Time – 10 minutes


11:10 a.m.            Pylon Race

Two 20ft flags are placed 90 feet apart and pilots fly a heat of 5 laps.

No heat times will be counted, it’s just for fun. 

This event really shows who can fly a wing plane at high speed.


11:30 a.m.            Combat Flying with Mass Launch

All flyers welcome with exception of rear mount propeller only, no front mounted prop planes.

Fly in a 30ft diameter swarm (ball) trying to take the other plane out.

Yelling for no apparent reason is encouraged during this event.


12:00 p.m.            Raffle Event

5 BattleWing planes will be raffled off.

                4 - Advanced Build. (Regular price of $60 each)

                1 - ARF or Full Build. (Regular price of  $160 each).


12:00 p.m.            Baylands BBQ and Swap Meet.