Setup - BattleWing V2

This page is designed to help people who have bought the Basic Core BattleWing and need guidance to properly build the plane.

The following steps will describe how I build the BattleWing starting with the basic Core BattleWing to the final "Almost Ready to Fly" BattleWing.

Steps Pictures
Basic Core

Remove slag.
This will take 10 to 15 minutes.
For the basic Core kit, I route out the bays using a template.
Bays are Battery, Servo, ESC/Receiver and Engine bay.
Using a modified soldering iron I create channels for the battery strap, servo wiring and vents for the ESC/receiver bay.
Cut 45 degree angle on bottom of rear leading edge.
This will be used as part of the hinge for the ailerons.
Hot glue (High Temp Glue) both wings halves together. Push hard and press together for 30 seconds or until the glue hardens. Trim any excess glue.
Low will work but it sets too fast when you press the halves together and there is no adjustment time before the glue hardens.
Foam will not melt.
Hot glue top engine bulk head support.

As well was the bays I route out the small channel for the kit.

Mount the top support foam piece so it is flush with the rear wall.  The front will hang over the ESC/Receive bay about 2-3mm and provide a lip for the hatch.  The offset of the top bulk head support piece will  automatically define the -2 degree pitch down for the wood engine mount. 
The -2 degree pitch down resolves the Dolphin effect found when engine pitch is 0 degrees. Dolphin effect is (1) full throttle, plane climbs up, (2) Throttle off, plane dives. You fight with the plane and it looks like a dolphin jump in and out of the water and the plane is not controllable.
Install wood engine firewall.
The offset foam will angle the the wood engine mount to -2 degrees down.

Use hot glue to mount the wood.
Because the foam is not a smooth skin you have to apply hot glue and then smear it to create a smooth surface for the tape to adhere.

Here we use a propeller to aid in smearing the hot glue in to the foam.
Install tape over the engine firewall and foam edge. This will help the foam from ripping down the middle core in case you get hit from behind.

We change from using the Scotch 3M Strapping Tape (V1 Build) to using the Scotch Transparent Tape (V2 Build) because over time the 3M would lift up, dry out and leave behind a ghostly, chalky white power residue.
Install hatch for ESC/receiver.

Butt the edge of the hatch to the top of the ESC/Receiver bay. Hatch should be flush with top of the bay. Hot glue acts like an hindge.
Apply hot glue, smear and install tape on the tope of plane for the battery bay. See picture for glue placement.

This makes it easy to slip the batteries in and out the as well as cleans up the appearance of the battery bay.

Make an "X" in the tape above the battery bay and fold down. 

Apply hot glue, smear and install tape on the bottom of plane for skid plate and battery support. Do not cover the vent holes!
This also helps from letting your battery taking a piece of foam with it when it gets hit from below. It's not good when you battery is going one direction and your plane is going another direction.
To be continued.